Cashew Kernel - White Whole


 •  Cashew nuts are the kidney-shaped seeds that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apple, the fruit of the cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale). The nut itself is protected by a very strong shell, which needs to be roasted/steamed before it can be shelled. The edible part is the cashew nut kernel that is obtained after shelling. The kernel represents only around 20% of the whole cashew nut in weight.

 •  The cashew tree is native to north-east Brazil, but today it is grown in many areas in the world. Currently, the northern hemisphere accounts for 80% of the world’s raw cashew nuts production compared with the southern hemisphere’s 20%. The largest production area is West Africa, with Ivory Coast as the leading producer. The second‑largest producer is India, followed by East African countries (with Tanzania as the top east African producer).

 •    Production in East and West African countries is increasing significantly, but due to a lack of processing (shelling) capacities, African producers export the majority of their crops as in-shell cashew nuts to Vietnam and India. India and Vietnam are the two largest processors of cashew nuts, and the main suppliers of the world and the European market. The processing capacity in these two countries exceeds their crops, and so they both import a lot of shelled cashew kernels, primarily from Africa.

 • Directly by the consumer; As roasted and salted nuts; In confectionery and bakery products, for example, finely chopped kernels are used in the production of sweets, ice creams, cakes and chocolates, both at home and industrially, and as paste to spread on bread.


Size WW320, WW240, WW 180
Colour White / Pale Ivory
Moisture 5% max
Broken 5% max
NLSG NLG 5% max

More Information 

Cashew nuts manufacturer and exporting countries  : East Africa, Vietnam , Indonesia , Brazil , Cambodia ,

Harvesting time : Feb. –May

Cashew Nuts Manufacturer And Exporter in India: AP, Goa, KTK, Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa, TN and West Bengal

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20' Container 15.876  Tons